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Age specific colored leotards are required to be purchased from our online Nimbly shop.
Dancers attending class in leotards not purchased through Nimbly will be considered out of dress code.
Class leotards could be used for performances in addition to costumes.
Leggings and shoes can be purchased from Nimbly or other retailers.

For ballet/jazz classes, black leggings over the leotard are required.  Hair in a neat bun or pinned up braids. 
I highly recommend purchasing shoes from Nimbly as these shoes are a better quality than what I have found locally.

For Tap and Acro classes, black leggings and color leotard are required.  Hair in a low ponytail or braids.

For Hip Hop, black leggings, color leotard, and black running shoes with white or black bottoms. No light up shoes.

For Musical Theater class, black leggings, and class (age) colored leotard.

All female dancers should wear their colored leotards for all classes.

All male dancers should wear either a black fitted shirt or similar colored shirt as leotard colors listed below. 
Black shorts or black athletic pants.  Hair pulled off of face.

Required leotard colors by age groups.  Please purchases these from out Nimbly shop for consistent style and color.
2.5-3 year olds - mulberry
4-6 year olds - lavender
7-9 year olds - marine
10-12 year olds beginners - teal
10-12 year olds intermediate - burgundy
Teens/adults - black


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